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The Story Idea Workshop
Learn techniques to find new ideas and inspiration whenever you need them. Writing is many thing, sometimes joyful and exhilarating, sometimes brooding and painful.  And sometimes we just don’t know where to begin. We all have at least one story inside us, be it short or a novel, it’s there. This workshop can help you build your story from the ground up. We will learn to craft a story with ideas you pull from within you.  With some group cooperation and support we’ll create plots, scenes and characters, all the ingredients that make a short story. Writing exercises, idea journals, sharing thoughts and our work, these are things that make up our own workshop, all in a very supportive and caring environment.  A three-week workshop, running on Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9:30pm at Junction Art Crossing, 88 Cawthra Ave, Toronto. We will be no more than ten participants so everyone gets a chance to read, share and support each other.


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The cost of the three week workshop is $120.00
Thursday November 17th 7pm-9:30pm
Thursday November 24th 7pm-9:30pm
Thursday December 1st 7pm-9:30pm

We’ve included your materials: exercise book, pens, idea journal, duotang with course outline, we will have a few snacks and alcoholic and non alcoholic refreshments to keep up your strength and inspiration! Since the groups are so intimate the workshops will run monthly and participants can be placed on a waitlist if desired.
This workshop will be lead by....

Tammy Bellevre  
this is a part of a Junction Art Crossing Workshop Series
Tammy Bellevre- tammybellevre@gmail.com  416.466.6301 or
Mel Coleman- junctionartcrossing@gmail.com 647.534.1539